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There are various factors that affect the economical sustainability of many organizations on a global scale. Addressing these issues have never been an easy task even up until this point in time. Fostering a sustainable economic environment takes an invaluable amount of strategic planning and effort. This situation has without a doubt left many companies battling; putting them on the losing side of the business game. Having worked with some of the most prestigious and established corporations such as Bank of America among others, the highly sought for legal business and financial council – attorney at law Jeremy Goldstein, offers insight on how to effectively approach and handle Earnings Per Share as well as other incentive based programs.


When it comes to stocks and other aspects of the financial arena, ESP plays a major role in the variations of stock price, which serves also as a magnet that pulls shareholders to buy and/or sell stocks. This kind of metrics allow for greater incentives and payouts towards employees, which in turn contributes to employee satisfaction and company success.


Irrespective of the benefits of ESP implemented in a business, it can also produce many negative results of a company/business. The competitive nature of shares and trading is very attractive, but it can sometimes be misleading and offensive to other external entities. These types of metrics are considered to be beneficial for investments on a short term probability, but provide no guarantee for long term sustainability of a company. Once a companies focus is not entirely centered on short term goals for sustainable development, they can find creative and effective ways to structurize and strengthen the perceived value of shares.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy is an attorney at law who has been practicing for several years within the domain of monetary legalities and the legislation that governs such; providing valuable information to companies of how to effectively handle factors that go into sustainable economic environments for development and growth of companies. Before venturing on his own into Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, he had practice for several years in New York City. He is one of the most recognized legal advisers to many Fortune 500 companies in the United States of America. He is also the author of many journals that address the legal and financial matters of business. Among that, he is also a partner/member of the American Bar Association and is also a part o the advisory board of the NYU Journal of Law Business. Learn more:


Jeremy was also an active partner of Wachtell, Lipton and Rosen & Katz for 14 years. During his tenure, he was responsible for participating in the firm’s compensation practice; addressing issues with this sphere with respect to corporate governance. Currently he is now practicing in his own firm, which he started in 2014, and is still running. He will continue to impact the lives of many people and companies.

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