Jon Urbana’s Curiosity for Life Shines Bright This December

If there is one thing that stands out about Jon Urbana, it is that he has an apparently fresh curiosity of life. This gets him to explore many different possibilities and learn different skills. The more skills he learns, the more people are going to learn from him. One thing that he likes to do is to teach people lacrosse skills at his camp, Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

As the camp’s head coach, Urbana likes to help his campers build their understanding of the sport. He not only lectures and talks to campers on Facebook about building their lives off the field, but also shows them how he does it with live videos. He demonstrates to people that it could be done. When people hear about something, it is one thing. When they see it in action being done by Jon Urbana as he did for Villanova, then that takes it to a whole new level.

Among the activities he likes to do is to help preserve the environment. With his GoFundMe persistence, Urbana takes part in making sure that the earth is taken care of. He also takes in children and trains them to take part in preserving the environment. Children need direction, and Urbana’s fun videos give them this direction. When they are left without direction, then they are vulnerable to destructive activities.

Jon Urbana shows the above and other activities on his official blog. He makes sure that he keeps an active daily presence across his different social media platforms. Facebook is one of his most active platforms. He also uses Twitter and Instagram in order to promote his activities as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Among the activities that he promotes as a social media presence is his music via Soundcloud. He shares his photography on Tumblr and even his own site. Jon Urbana has demonstrated that he has a great eye for photography. He uses it to create some good pictures to show on his pages.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

He can also market his pictures with his business background if he wants to sell his photos. For one thing, he has majored in business when he went to a university. Given the education that he has received, he knows how to utilize the many different marketing methods. He is also good at online marketing due to updating his Medium feed. Therefore, anything he wants to sell could be easily sold.

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