José Borghi, a Brazilian Advertising Force to be Reckoned With

Many large organizations and corporations in the know have heard the name, José Borghi. This creative and powerful advertising professional has produced successful campaigns for dozens of organizations, generating profits all over the world. In addition to the financial success of these campaigns, José Borghi has earned many awards in his industry including:

• 14 Lion Cannes Awards,
• 10 Clios Advertising Awards,
• 11 New York Festival Awards,
• 10 One Show Awards,
• 7 London Festival Awards, and
• The JPA named him, “Advertiser of the Year.”

As you can see, José Borghi is one of Brazil’s best.

Jose Borhi’s taken his unique talents and flair to influence consumer markets all over the world; successfully conveying messages and persuading sales across dozens of cultural lines. This isn’t an easy thing to do, even for a person that’s an expert in languages and cultures or even in advertising. It takes creativity and determination.

It’s obvious; however, that José Borghi has both of these qualities in spades. He started his agency Borghi Lowe, (now Mullen Lowe), with his own money, co-founder Erh Ray’s money, a lot of hard work and a lot of burning the midnight oil. The 2 strove to produce a successful marketing product every time to develop the type of reputation that would help them to get ahead in the industry. Eventually, Ray moved on to become Co-CEO and Partner at BETC Sao Paulo on In 2009, the Lowe agency merged with the Borghi’s agency to become Borghi Lowe and Andre Gomes now shares the head CEO position with Borghi.

Two of José Borghi’s most recognizable advertising campaigns are:

• Mammals Parmalat where children dressed in stuffed animal costumes and sang catchy jingles and songs, and
• The Sazon campaign that featured a song everyone seems to love and recognize, “Is Love.”

However, throughout his career, while working for both himself and others, he has worked on numerous campaigns including ones for:

• AOL,
• American Express,
• Delta Airlines,
• Honda,
• Fiat
• The Down Syndrome Association,
• Electrolux
• Procter and Gamble,
• Asia Motors,
• Coral Paints,
• Unilever, and
• Many more

This young man, born in Presidente Prudente Brazil has made quite a name for himself throughout the world. In fact, Jose Borghi didn’t even know what career path he would follow until his young adult years. His sister took him to see a play at a local theater and he realized he wanted to entertain. However, he knew he would have to work hard to find success.

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