Karakatta Goes After the Discerning Ramen Diner

New York City is a haven for restaurants that cater to select audiences that are expecting expertise in a particular culinary delight. That tradition is continuing with Karakatta, which is designed to appeal to audiences that are craving spicy ramen to fill them up, with that dish the entire focus of the establishment.

Ramen by itself has long been connected to economically-challenged college students just trying to get a filling meal. In the case of Karakatta, the goal takes on a broader approach, with unique touches that allow for a more sumptuous opportunity to embrace all that this often-derided food item has to offer.

Located just south of Washington South Park, Karakatta was designed to offer up a small footprint without being cramped when it comes to diner comfort. The result has thus far been welcoming, largely because of the tempting dishes that are offered. In addition, karaage is one of the main focal points when it comes to appetizers, with sauces such as ponzu-sesame and curry there to put some bite into the meal.

Yet like any restaurant, Karakatta will live and die based on its main dishes, one of which is spicy vegetable curry. Among the items in this dish are scallions, tofu and shredded red pepper. Others may be more comfortable choosing the butter miso, which helps mix together items like ground pork and pork belly with a dash of cilantro. Miso also finds its way into either the teriyaki chicken or pork belly, though this comes in the form of soup. Also along for the ride with the teriyaki is are Japanese pickles.

Of course, the chicken and pork belly are versatile enough to also be used in the Karakatta version of shoyu. Here, key components like cabbage, bean sprouts and leeks offer a new twist.

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