Katz’s Delicatessen Opens A New Take-Out Spot In Brooklyn

Being a big fan of delis in general, I’m glad I had the opportunity earlier today to read a current article regarding New York’s world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen.

The article tells how the current owner of the deli has decided to open a new takeout-only restaurant in Brooklyn. The opening of the new Katz’s location marks the first time the deli has expanded since opening in 1888.

The owner of Katz’s Deli, Jake Dell, explains that the new deli outpost represents growth, but he intends to maintain the same high level of quality control that is in place at the original location. Jake Dell is the grandson of a previous owner of the deli.

Mr. Dell mentions the economic realities of operating a restaurant such as Katz’s in today’s world. At his restaurant, the curing and smoking of meats is performed regularly, and at any given time, thousands of pounds of meat will be on hand.

If the price of meat goes up, Mr. Dell explains, he loses money. Because volume sales are needed, the location of the new restaurant works out well. Katz’s Deli now owns a 25-foot truck that is emblazoned with photos of Reuben and pastrami sandwiches. With the new delivery truck, the deli can efficiently deliver products from the original restaurant to the Brooklyn take-out spot.

Although the Brooklyn take-out location offers the same great food as at the original restaurant, Mr. Dell acknowledges that the format is not exactly identical to the original deli. With many customers of Katz’s Deli already coming from Brooklyn to purchase food to-go, the new location is a comfortable fit.

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