Keeping the Prison Population Safer with Securus Technologies

In order to keep the inmates safe at our prison, me and my fellow corrections officers have to make the facility safe for ourselves, the prison staff, contractors in the jail, visitors, and anyone who is behind the prison walls. Inmates with drugs are a danger to anyone they come in contact with, and if they have access to weapons it is a deadly situation. A savvy inmate could make a deadly weapon out of common items like pens, toothbrushes, or even shoelaces.


To try and keep violence to a minimum, my team of corrections officers must be diligent at the visitor center or things will change hands that shouldn’t be in the prison. Despite warning these visitors about bringing things to jail and giving them to the inmates, the inmates can be extremely persuasive when it comes to getting the things they need. To help tighten up the ship, we have one resource that has been helping us slow down the efforts of the inmates.


Securus Technologies was responsible for putting a call monitoring system in our facility that allows us to listen intently to the inmates using the phone. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says the reason his system is in 2,600 jails is because is gets results. The company and all 1,000 employees have one objective, to make our world safer to live.


Our team was the first to be trained on the LBS software, and we saw results hours after monitoring the calls inmates were making. We began hearing chatter about inmates requesting things like hacksaw blades, guitar strings, and small knives. Each item can be used to cause severe injury to another, and we made every effort to intercept the parties before they had the opportunity to exchange the items with the inmates making those requests.


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