Kevin Seawright on The High Road In Finance

Few people know how to work with financial institutions, government agencies, private contractors and real estate investors like Kevin Seawright.

Seawright is the current chairman of a Baltimore-based residential real estate corporation named RPS Solutions, Inc. He founded this company in 2016 because he wanted to see more Baltimore citizens own homes and bring more prosperity to their communities.

According to PR Newswire, the results have started to show with Baltimore’s home ownership now going above 48% where it’s stagnated over the last several years. Seawright is not only proud of this company but happy to meet those who it has helped personally.

Kevin Seawright has worked up and down the east coast consulting with urban authorities and financiers on how to manage development zones, allocate funds and bring in housing initiatives to spur population growth and commerce. He got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and is a registered CPA, and then he later got another high-ranking certification in Executive Leadership.

He held the office of public accountant in Baltimore and started out managing public parks and elderly communities. He later started working with Baltimore’s city leaders on how to create the best response to areas of need in the city, and to do that he brought in CitiStat, one of the most advanced administrative analytical softwares at the time. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

Kevin Seawright didn’t only work in Baltimore. For a few years he moved down the road to Washington D.C. where he helped Tito Contractors, a privately-owned construction company maximize their operations through budget restructuring.

After several years of doing that, he was asked by the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation to come lead their finance committee as Chief Financial Officer. For a couple years he advocated for various festivals and promotional events to encourage new residents to move in.

Seawright isn’t just passionate about managing money and being in the office all day. He’s also passionate about young people and has taken a keen interest in non-profit groups that mentor young people growing up in the inner city, and even one young man he mentored is now a Baltimore homeowner. He also loves sports and history and has served as an advisor to the Babe Ruth Baseball Museum.

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