Knowing Where to Find Good Chinese Food in New York

Virtually every community in the country has a Chinese restaurant that services diners, with the level of quality far from consistent. In a restaurant hotbed like New York, the bar is set higher for such establishments to deliver great food and offer innovative takes on established menu items.

For those who favor Sichuan cuisine, there are two places that tend to stand out in this crowded field. First is Little Pepper, which is located in the College Point area and takes a more restrained approach when it comes to the use of oils in its cooking, with the end result delivering mouth-watering food.

The second of these dining wonders is Mission Chinese on East Broadway. In its earliest days, this place had to deal with being situated in temporary surroundings, which may have helped keep it off the radars of those with discriminating tastes in this type of food. However, chef Danny Bowien offers such things as dumplings that have been pan-fried and filled with scrambled eggs and tapioca to keep his diners guessing.

Despite being saddled with a lengthy name that might be difficult to remember, those that stop at Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen are rewarded for their memory. The proprietor came to New York having made her name in China itself, which is where she looks to hire the chefs that craft the meals.

A pair of Chinese restaurants in Flushing should also garner the attention of those on their way to see the Mets or at any other time of year. Guan Fu Sichuan obviously favors that certain style, with exotic offerings like boiled bullfrog and braised turtle placed on the menu next to pig trotter and boiled sea cumcumber. Meanwhile, Lake Pavillion makes its case as the place to find good crab.

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