Learn How White Shark Media Is Exploiting Customer Complaints To Boost Business

White Shark Media is an established digital marketing agency based in the U.S. that has been identified by Google and Bing as a market leader. The company has stood out due to the various innovative features they have introduced to enhance the efficiency of their system and to allow customers to have better control over their accounts and campaigns.

However, all these achievements have come along with complaints on the way, which the company has picked and exploited to improve its system. Most of the changes that have been effected are in line with the needs of users and are directed at making White Shark Media a premier platform that can be relied on for all kinds of marketing campaigns. Below are few of the complaints posted earlier and how they helped to improve White Shark Media.

Loss of touch with campaigns among users

According to Disqus and Glassdoor, White Shark Media was incepted in 2011 and since then massive changes have happened. At the time the company went live, the reporting procedures available were not sufficient to allow customers easy management of their campaigns. What this means is clients could easily lose touch with their campaigns and it would be hurting especially for small businesses.

White Shark Media took these complaints and responded in the affirmative to their demands. They developed the system so clients can get a thorough explanation of the ins and outs of every campaign they launch. There are tools to enable them track their progress for changes to reap maximum benefits from their campaigns.

Communication lapse

At the onset, White Shark was operating based on basic communication features and settings, which in the view of many clients were not sufficient to guarantee them a great experience on the platform.

This would change later when White Shark Media embraced a new system that is inspired by the need to offer clients better communication capabilities. The company scheduled status calls offered by GoTomeeting and introduced direct extensions for phones.

Need for SEO services among existing clients

Many clients want to manage all their campaigns including SEO works on one platform, so they inquired to know whether White Shark Media was in the capacity to handle their projects.

However, White Shark Media does not offer SEO services. To help clients, they have a team of professionals who understand about the SEO industry. These professionals review the projects presented by clients and advice them on the best SEO company to work with.

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