Lime Crime Wows Fans with Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers Release

It’s a great day for Lime Crime! The company has just released its latest product and fans everywhere, including me, are absolutely thrilled to get our hands on the newest line of lip glosses. The luxury line of lip glosses is called Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and they are as rich and juicy as ever. The line is absolutely fabulous and it features a rich influx of sparkles that create a look that is almost holistic or similar to a disco ball.

The line comes in six different shades that vary wildly to fit each woman’s taste and style of makeup. First, there is bold purple and an incredibly wild and funky bright blue. Then, the line moves to bright, rich pinks and a deep pink. Finally, the line offers colors that are in a soft, light pink and one that is almost nude in shade for those that want a more muted look. The variation makes the line perfect for any woman to try out a new lip look in however bold they want to be in their style.

InStyle Magazine did a scoop piece on LimeCrime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. The article featured real staffers of the magazine who did a trial run at using the new shades of lip gloss. The staffers tried the glosses by themselves and over top of their normal lipstick routine to test out how the gloss sparkle looked in various shades. The staffers noticed that the lip gloss colors and level of shimmer changed based on whether the gloss was used on top of the lip stick or on just a bare lip.

Lime Crime has been in business since 2008 and in the past five years the company has seen a skyrocket to mass success. Founder, Doe Deere, built the company from the ground up. Her passion has always been to design beauty products that made women feel great about the way that they look. Doe Deere is an inspiration for women everywhere. She has earned the nickname The Queen of the Unicorns due to her passion for always wanting to stand out in a crowd.

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