Look Out, NYC! There’s A New Delivery Service Coming Your Way

Did you know there isn’t a Walmart in New York City? For those who live in other cities, it might be hard to believe. Many of us live in a state where there’s practically a Walmart every 5 miles. For New Yorkers, it’s different. They’ve always said no to Walmart anytime they’ve tried to come in and build. Walmart put up a good fight, they tried to state that they would bring jobs and cheap food but New Yorkers weren’t having it. They didn’t want the giant retailer in their neighborhoods.

Not all New Yorkers, however, were happy with the decision to have zero Walmarts in their city. Everything is so expensive and many would love to have a break in grocery store prices by shopping at Walmart. Well, it seems that a compromise has been reached. According to GrubStreet, Walmart is working to offer same day grocery store delivery in New York City.

If you live in the city, you can get all the products you would normally without ever having to set foot inside of Walmart. It seems that it will be a win-win for everyone involved. It also should appease Walmart for at least a little bit. Since there is no physical location, Walmart will partner with Jet which already sells grocery stores online. This service is actually pretty affordable. A $30 minimum needs to be met and delivery will cost a little under $10. This new idea is hoping to expand into other cities, as well. It seems that grocery store delivery services are all the rage, especially for those who are too busy to factor it into their day. It’ll be interesting to see if New Yorkers utilize this service. After all, they never wanted a physical location but whose to say they won’t want the groceries delivered to their door?

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