Luscious Hair by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz is a line of hair care products promising voluminous, shiny locks for hair of all types. Through infomercials, models and actresses demonstrate how healthy their hair is after using these products. Simply select the sephora available formula that best fits your hair.
In an article posted on, Emily McClure put Wen by Chaz through a week long documented test []. On day one, she is surprised at how much product is recommended to be used. Ten pumps seems like an awful lot, but to put it through a fair trial, she followed the directions. She reports that her hair felt instantly thicker and fewer strands fell out in the shower. After blow drying, she was amazed at how soft, thick, and shiny her hair was.

On day two, Emily woke up to hair that felt greasy. Early in the day, her hair fell flat and she was ready to get back in the shower that evening to try again. Immediate results were once again fabulous with thick, luscious locks.

Day three brought similar results, but not quite as heavy and greasy. Emily felt her hair was improving each day. She decided by day three that she would need to try washing her hair in the morning instead of at night.

On day five, Emily showered in the morning, dried and curled her hair. The waves flattened faster than she liked, but due to the softness Wen gave her hair, it was expected.

The sixth day, Emily went out with friends and they noticed how healthy, shiny, and bouncy her hair looked. This was the confidence booster she needed.

All in all, Emily gives Chaz Dean’s brand her approval, but warns that this may not be the go to product for those who normally skip hair washing days. But, for instant shine and volume, WEN hair by Chaz is the answer.



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