Made Nice Turns Fast Casual Into Something Exotically Different

A new fast-casual concept has been added to the New York restaurant scene, though this idea has a bit more creativity attached to it than cranking out quality burritos or pizzas in furious fashion. At Made Nice, diners will have the opportunity to eat such things as half a roast chicken that’s filled with lemon-Parmesan stuffing and curried cauliflower with tofu and coconut.


The eatery is the brainchild of Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, who have an established track record in crafting a quality meal. Most recently, they were able to turn Eleven Madison Park into a restaurant that’s gained credibility on the international stage. Those ordering are able to get a glimpse of their food being made in exquisite fashion.


Located near Broadway at 8 West 28th Street, Made Nice is able to whip up those meals quickly, yet they only scratch the surface of the restaurant’s creativity. Salad and steak converge when khao salad with hanger steak is served. Within this mix are items like shalots, rice and roasted broccoli.


The aforementioned chicken is something that’s been compared to an upscale version of the many supermarkets that are able to cook up a bird, rotisserie style. Besides the stuffing that’s engorged inside the chicken, those choosing this as their meal will also be able to sample Made Nice’s French fries as well as the pickled-vegetable salad.


Despite the exotic menu, the look of the restaurant itself is decidedly much like any other other fast food outlet within Manhattan. Small tables are populated up front, with no more than four people squeezed into a single table. That sort of coziness is something that’s set up to encourage an eat-and-run philosophy, something that works in tandem with the fast work of the kitchen.



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