Make Sandwich More Than Lives Up to Its Name

Making a dent when it comes to the world of sandwich shops can be difficult. That’s because the level of innovation has seemingly reached a breaking point, which doesn’t lend itself to tapping into the collective curiosity of the general public. However, a new place that’s located in the area of Union Square is making the effort to grab the attention of those with a yen for something new.


Given the basic name of Make Sandwich, it’s clear that the product itself is much more important than marketing a catchy name to interested audiences. Just nine sandwiches make up the official menu, though patrons do have the opportunity to customize their orders with a wide variety of items that can be added on to the sandwich.


Since this is New York, a need to adapt sandwiches to a more international audience means that customers can order up something that might otherwise only be seen in other areas of the world. Domestic audiences won’t be disappointed since a number of traditional American sandwiches also make it on to the menu.


Four types of bread are used: the basic sub roll, ciabatta, brioche and a baguette. The sub can be found holding together both the traditional Italian sandwich and the turkey and gouda. The ciabatta is a key facet of the chicken and chorizo as well as the zucchini and falafel. The brioche is part of the sausage and egg, while the baguette covers the steak and salsa verde along with the spinach and artichoke.


For good measure, Make Sandwich offers some more exotic sides cole slaw with apple dates and a dessert that tempts anyone’s sweet tooth. The XXX chocolate cookie is something that can be eaten by itself or enjoyed when combined with vanilla gelato.

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