Making A Difference with IAP Worldwide

IAP is a top employer in the United States of America. It specializes in logistics, engineering, facilities management and global technical services. The ability to operate on a worldwide platform allows IAP to entertain all sorts of skill sets, and professional talents. IAP has a long-standing relationship with the United States military. Military veterans find that their experience is highly valued within the IAP workforce. Equal opportunity among men and women, and diversity between all nationalities is welcome.

IAP Worldwide Services secured a 900 million dollar contract with the United States Navy. The new deal with the Navy will allow IAP to expand its knowledge to help the military’s impact around the world. Assisting service members while they are on active duty makes for a smooth transition as these Warriors move into civilian life. The relationship between the company and the U.S. Armed Forces is valuable and appreciated. IAP looks to develop the talent that was discovered by the military, and allow it to evolve into its fullest capability.

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IAP acquired Aviation and Logistics Inc. located Oklahoma City, OK, and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions. TCNS’s relationship with the United States Department of Defense will allow IAP to establish a long-term business plan for growth and strategy. The acquisition of these two formidable institutions extends the reach of IAP’s many services. The company’s global platform will be reaffirmed and further illustrated as these two mergers are set into place.

IAP was called upon during Hurricane Matthew to support many emergencies on bases throughout the East Coast. Their contract was awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2013. Engineering services and power support is crucial in times of natural disaster. IAP Worldwide specializes in supporting facilities that become compromised during emergency situations.

IAP won a contract with the United States Army in 2016 to provide integrated logistics and field training support. The agreement is known as the Distributed Common Ground System. It is valued at 53 million dollars.

IAP Worldwide services got its start in Irmo, South Carolina. The company was initially brought in to provide generator support to the United States Army on on Over the years it’s services have evolved to accommodate many aspects of the United States Armed Forces, and the needs of the Department of Defense.

IAP maintains a social media presence on Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.


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