Managing Your Online Face

You may or may not realize it, but people are paying attention to what you are doing online. They care about this because everyone has an online persona that they work hard to either maintain or rid themselves of depending on what it is. As a result, you ought to know what your online reputation is and how you can manage it to create the best possible results for yourself in our ever connected world.

One person to know about in the world of online reputation management

is Darius Fisher. He is the President of Status Labs, a company that helps individuals deal with online reputation crisis management. It is his job to help you regain your footing when something bad has happened and figure out how to manage the chaos that is sure to come with all of this.

One of the things that Darius Fisher has seen a lot of work with lately is the phenomenon known as “Doxxing”. This is when someone finds your personal information and posts it online so that others may team up on you and presumably harass you to no end. It is unfortunate for the victim of this, and it is a reason why Fisher is needed.

It is interesting to see that Fisher had to actually work on managing a crisis in his own company even while helping some 1,500 others. This is something that plays a big role in making sure that Status Labs has been able to do the very important work that they do.

In the news recently, victims of the Ashley Madison hacks have turned to Status Labs to help them manage this crisis. It has meant that the company has received some awards from the New York Times as well as Yahoo News for the hard work that they have done. They are a trusted company that has proven that they deserve the awards that they receive as well as the attention. It is not as though just any company could pull this off. The Ashley Madison hack was a big news story, and it carried a lot of importance for those who were victims of it.

Anyone who has a serious amount of information online needs to look to reputation management companies. These are the companies that can help get you out of the some of the worse PR disasters that you might ever face as a company or individual.

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