“Marc Beer: A Catalyst for Change in the Medical Advancement Community “

Part of being human is suffering from human ailments. In fact, there are many types of ailments that do not get the same glamorous coverage as many of the other ailments. While those ailments are important, pelvic floor disorder is an equally important problem for many women all over the world. Often times, these women suffer from the symptoms of pelvic floor disorder such as incontinence on their own. It can promote a sense of shame and isolation for some of them. Renovia is one of the companies that is looking for ways to help alleviate those symptoms. They understand that this can be a very isolating experience and they want to step up and offer a helping hand.


Renovia has been a major force in the pelvic floor disorder industry since they were created. The reason they are so passionate about this project is that millions of women suffer through without relief. Often, they do not feel a sense of empowerment to talk about the problems that they are feeling. It can be a very isolating experience as mentioned before but it doesn’t have to be. Renovia is working on new products that will target muscles on the pelvic floor. Simulation of those muscles may help alleviate symptoms. “Renovia Completes $42.3 Million Series B Financing” is an article discussing their process of securing funding for additional development of this device. The FDA has already reached some approval but Renovia now has a bigger step towards helping people with this disorder.


With so much success Renovia has been drawing attention since it was initially launched in 2016. Founders Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias, and Marc Beer are responsible for the growing company. Renovia is a major contributor to the diagnostic and therapeutic market for women’s health in the pelvic floor disorder market. They have taken an issue that was considered sensitive and made it a priority in their work. This has put them in the unique position to help women all over the world. It is a truly thrilling time for both the company and those women. One of the major contributors to the initial funding for Renovia is Marc Beer. He was instrumental in securing the initial financing for the company.


As previously stated Marc Beer was instrumental in the formation of Renovia. Marc Beer graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree. He used that time as a stepping stone towards his goals of diagnostic and therapeutic devices that would change the way that women’s health was treated. He went through a time at various institutions such as Abbott Labs. He earned the opportunity to study leadership roles as CEO of these companies. Eventually, he took that knowledge to Renovia. He saw the disparaging research that was being done in the field of pelvic floor disorders and wanted to make a change. Renovia has now become a major catalyst for the treatment of this ailment. Learn more: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180821005199/en/Renovia-Completes-42.3-Million-Series-Financing

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