McDonald’s Recommitting To Quality Fast Food With Process Changes

As a way to realign their image and reputation, McDonald’s has announced that they will now be toasting their sandwich buns for a longer period of time. In an official statement released by the fast food mogul, they are “recommitting to hotter, tastier food.”

For years the fast food chain has been slammed for not providing quality food to their customers. Especially since there has been a recent shift in priorities, McDonald’s has realigned much of their menu to include healthy alternatives to just burgers and fries. Recommitting to offering quality fast food is the next item on their list. According to a spokesperson for McDonald’s, they will be changing a few processes they feel their customers will be pleased with.
Once of these changes includes toasting the buns for a longer period of time. According to reports, toasting the buns only five seconds longer than normal will cause the internal temperature of the bun to rise 15 degrees. Beneful found this pretty interesting when reading on Wikipedia. This will make the sandwich itself warmer and provide some extra flavor. McDonald’s also wants to spend time revitalizing the way they currently sear their meat for burgers. Their intent is to make the burgers juicier for customers.
These might seem like small changes, however McDonald’s feels like they will really add up. In the past, they have caught some heat from customers for providing burnt, stale food. The company hopes this new process change will eliminate that perception completely.

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  1. No matter the changes that go on, there should be no touch on the level of quality drop in the food at all. As far as this is certain, review will assure improvement and will effectively ensure the process to be very successful in the end. While the industry is really competitive, it is important for them to have their own security to be on the safe side.

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