Michael Hagele Provides Legal Guidance to Tech Companies

Lawyer and entrepreneur Michael Hagele earned a BA degree from the University of Iowa. He credits the success of his holdings in dining and hospitality to a tried and true method; “Put the customer first”.

When putting his Juris Doctor Degree from UC Berkeley to work he puts the client first. He acknowledges that his clients can have a lot on the line. Hagele admits that being responsible for obtaining the best possible outcome for a client can be a tremendous weight to bear. Yet, he believes that the efforts he makes on behalf of those he represents give his own life a purpose.

Michael Hagele’s list of legal skills that benefit technology companies is extensive. They include experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, purchase sales and the analysis of intellectual property portfolios as they relate to corporate financing. He also handles promotional and marketing arrangements.

With a résumé like that, it is no wonder Michael Hagele’s latest enterprise is acting as a chief legal advisor to aerospace, internet, and other technology-related companies. The idea for this business was born of previous experience advising tech firms. He discovered that a smaller law firm or even a single lawyer could provide technology companies with outstanding representation at a reasonable cost.

At the start of the workday, Hagele’s first order of business is to tend to the needs of the tech companies he represents. To refresh himself he takes an afternoon bike ride. Michael Hagele credits that time out of the office with finding more creative ways to address the needs of his clients.

For the rest of the day, Hagele deals with client issues that have arisen since the start of the day. He also continues the work he began in the morning. His evenings are spent tending to his investments.

Michael Hagele’s has worked overseeing legal matters at internet start-ups financed through venture capital. Corporate governance, employment matters, and stock option plan administration were some the matters he dealt with.

He was also employed by the firm of Fenwick and West. Hagele was assigned to their Licensing and Online Commerce Group.

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