Michael Zomber: Overcoming The Odds

Michael Zomber is one of few men who have been unjustly charged and lived to see that unjust charge properly expelled. He had to endure a long and difficult trek through one of life’s darker valleys to see this happen, however. It’s really quite the tale.

Zomber is an antique weapons collector and seller. He has done a number of documentaries, and appeared on The History Channel multiple times. He has also written seven screenplays and four novels. Zomber understands media, and produces some of the best. He also understands his antique weaponry, and the proper value of things. Back in 2003, he sold a gun to a millionaire. The millionaire accused Michael Zomber of mail-fraud. It was later revealed in court that this could not be the case; and Zomber was exonerated. His wife and two children stuck with him throughout the entire process; but even victory was bitter sweet. In order to be free, Zomber had to agree that he would not seek the government’s remuneration of his $1 million in legal fees as per the Hyde Amendment of 1997. So the injustice did not stop at his exoneration, it was only metered slightly.

Still, while incarcerated, Michael Zomber was able to help a number of inmates toward their GEDs, and so arguably has done a good deal to help reduce recidivism in the locality where he was imprisoned.

Thankfully, writers can take experiences of difficulty and turn them into affecting works which people can experience, and gain knowledge from. Zomber’s roller-coaster ride of success and incarceration is the stuff of films, and may one day end up being portrayed on the silver screen. Since Zomber has made a number of documentaries, screenplays, and fictional books, it’s feasible he might bring his story-telling acumen to the fore and even have a hand getting some portion of his story to the public. It’s the kind of story that needs to be told, as the federal government seems no stranger to abuses in these contemporary American days. Michael Zomber is evidence that upstanding citizens may have as much to fear from their own government as the worst uneducated criminals whom Zomber helped educate.

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