My Dog Is A Hero And Deserves To Eat A Lot Of Beneful

My dog is incredible, and I’m not just saying that to brag. My dog saved my child because I wasn’t able to get to him in time. We were all around the pool, and we heard a loud noise in front of the house. It sounded as if a car had crashed into one of my cars in front of the house, so everyone ran from the pool to the front of the house. My son was running behind us, and he had fallen into the pool, but we were way too far ahead of him to see him fall. I heard a splash in the pool, but I was too far away to jump in the pool.

I tried to run to the pool, but the combination lock gate had locked behind me, and it took me time to get it open. I was panicking the whole time, but I saw my dog jump right into the pool, and next I saw was my son was holding onto the dog’s back while he paddled over towards the edge of the pool. My son was able to walk out of the pool, and I grabbed him and cuddled him in my arms. I was fully clothed, and I know my son was wet, but I grab my son and dog, and I pulled them both close for a hug.

I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for my dog that my son may not be here, and I plan on making every day of my dog’s life the best possible, especially since he saved my son. The very same day that my son was saved I took him to the hospital, and he was checked out in good health. I headed to the grocery store and purchased a big steak, and I also bought a humongous bag of Beneful. Beneful is food that he’s always eaten, but I wanted to make sure I gave him more than normal.

I went back home that night, and I made the dog the steak, and I even poured him a bowl of nutritious and delicious Beneful, just in case he got hungry overnight. I had some Beneful snacks, and I poured out the entire bag into a separate bowl, so I knew my dog would have a feast that night, whether he ate it now or the next day. I was very tired, and I slept next to my son that night, so we didn’t get up until the early afternoon. When I got up the next day I saw that the bowls were empty, so my dog had eaten all of the Beneful as well as the snacks. I use Beneful to keep my dog healthy, and my dog keeps my family safe, so he deserves it.

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