New Legislation Changes Food Truck Scene In A Major Way

When it comes to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of New York City, food trucks are there to provide quick and delicious food. But, did you know that behind every Bahn Mi and onion-covered hot dog, there was a illegal movement making it all possible?


For the past thirty years, the state has been working with outdated food vendor legislation. New York has a ridiculous restrictive cap on the number of food-vendor permits available. With only 3,000 up for grabs, an illegal scheme was created by those that could get their hands on a permit. Potential food vendors could “rent” overpriced permits from the legal owner on a sort of black market food permit trade. Some people are literally paying thousands of dollars to be able to operate their food vendor business.


However, the Street Vending Modernization Act could change all of this. If this bill passes, this would mean that the number of available permits would increase and continue to increase as the years went by.


Supporters of the bill explain that not only would the Street Vending Modernization Act help out the thousands of people on the permit waiting list, but also help inspire a surge of new street food options.


Currenty food vendor feels such pressure to make a profit to keep their permit that they only sell tried and true favorites, such as hot dogs. However, if the pressure is lifted with the introduction of more permits, perhaps food vendors will take some chances on their menu offerings.

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