New New York Restaurant Is Everything You Could Possibly Want In A Mason Jar

Mason jars aren’t anything new. They’ve actually been around for quite a few years but have been becoming more popular recently. That’s because these jars are super versatile. They can be used in a variety of different manners. Pinterest is one reason their popularity has sky-rocketed.


The new trend seems to be salads in a jar. It’s super quick, easy, and delicious. People can just add all of their salad toppings in a jar, add dressing, shake, and eat. It’s super handy! People also use mason jars for drinks. They can take any sort of drink and put it in a mason jar to give it a new look. Mason jars just look and feel a bit more sophisticated than normal cups.


Well soon, New Yorkers will be able to experience everything in a mason jar thanks to a new restaurant. According to Grubstreet, Ancolie will be serving their food in a jar. People can flock to Greenwich Village to have breakfast, lunch, or snacks! Some examples of the food they have are soups, salads, parfaits, and other types of dessert. All of which are served within mason jars. Not only are these jars classy, they are also environmentally friendly. These jars can be reused which helps combat waste. All of the food and ingredients are prepared fresh daily. Not only are the jars reusable, but Ancolie also uses recyclable materials in order to protect the environment.


This restaurant is sure to become an up and trendy spot for New Yorkers!


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