New York Cookie Dough Restaurant Is Opening Soon

New York is opening a new restaurant that will serve cookie dough that is safe to eat raw. DO (pronounced dough) is set to open in about a week. The eatery serves as great news for people who have been scared away from eating cookie dough due to the FDA warning that the dough is unsafe to consume due to raw flour and eggs.


Kristen Tomlan is the founder of DO and found a way to ensure that the cookie dough is harmless, since the dough contains heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg product. Tomlan also launched an online company that offers dough in several different forms, including cookie dough that has been scooped into cones and cups like ice cream. The dough has also been flatted and frozen to resemble a cooked dessert that can be made into an ice cream sandwiches. Tomlan also offers half-baked brownies or mixed into Blue Marble ice cream for tasty milkshakes and sundaes.


DO will open in Greenwich Village and will offer 15 menu options for customers. Toby’s Estate coffee will also served at DO, and there will be lots of packaged flavors to choose from, including cake batter, confetti and chocolate chip. The cookie dough is also packaged into pint-sized cartons to resemble ice cream, and can easily be scooped out for customers to enjoy. There’s even a cookie dough cupcake stuffed with Nutella and topped with buttercream frosting that is also made from cookie dough.


The address for DO is 550 La Guardia Place near 3rd Street.

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