New Yorkers Favorite Snacks are Harder to Get Their Hands on

New Yorkers are always on the go. That’s because they have busy lives in a fast-paced city that never stops moving. For many, it’s hard to find time to sit down and just relax for once. This includes meal time. Many people simply don’t have the time in their day to take an hour lunch at a local establishment. Not to mention, New York restaurants get pretty packed quickly. Therefore, sometimes it’s just easier to do a grab-and-go lunch which usually involves some sort of snacks like chips.

Well, bad news for New Yorkers. They may soon struggle to find their favorite chips at gas stations and convenience stores. According to GrubStreet, Frito Lay has a delivery driver problem. They allegedly cut the pay of drivers which forced many to quit. Now, they have to take the delivery drivers they do have and spread them thinly across New York in order to make sure that all areas are covered.

This is bad news not only for the stores that carry Frito Lay products but also for the customers. If you live in the area, and you head to your favorite store, chances are that you’ll see a blank shelf where Cheetos, pretzels, Doritos, and more used to be. Shop owners don’t want to lose their business. Therefore, some are actually getting quite desperate and even ambushing drivers on their routes to try and get some Frito Lay snacks from them.

Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly. It’s hurting literally everyone involved. New Yorkers need their chips. It’s a staple that helps them get through their day. Convenience stores need these snacks since that’s where a decent portion of their revenue comes from. If someone comes in and sees an empty shelf, they might find a different store that has the snacks stocked.

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