Nick Vertucci: Why He Created The NV Real Estate Academy

For Nick Vertucci, real estate was a godsend. He had been unemployed for a year and a half and he didn’t see a way out of his financial troubles. He had a wife and children and the bills were piling up. Then a friend took him to a real estate class and Nick Vertucci’s life took a 180 degree turn. He went from wondering how he would be able to take care of his family to being a multimillionaire, all because of the things he learned in that real estate seminar. Now, Vertucci is giving others the chance to turn their fortunes around through the information he shares at the NV Real Estate Academy.

At one point during his life, Nick Vertucci lived in his van. Then fate and fortune smiled on him and he was able to turn used computer parts into a prosperous business. He also met a wonderful woman, got married and had some children. The future looked bright. The crash changed all that. His customers suddenly disappeared, he was forced to close his company and Vertucci fell on hard times. It was then he became involved in real estate. He was so happy for the help he had received by being introduced to the real estate industry, Nick Vertucci decided he would do the same for others.

Vertucci started the NV Real Estate Academy. The academy teaches people how and where to find available commercial and residential properties, shows them sources of funding they can use to acquire them and helps them learn how to find qualified buyers for the properties. The academy has changed the lives of many people and put them on a path that leads to financial security. The skills they learn at the NV Real Estate Academy can be used by anyone, anywhere in the country, no matter the state of the economy.

Nick Vertucci is now a happy man. He’s financially secure and with the NV Real Estate Academy, he’s found a way to help people use the opportunities available in the real estate industry to earn a good living.

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