Nine9 Fights for Opportunities for the Average Joe

Breaking into the entertainment business can be difficult for the Average Joe. Most people don’t become superstar models overnight unless they have contacts in the business. Knowing what to do can be very difficult. There is no “How to be a model for dummies” book that can help. And unfortunately, most people don’t have a rich uncle or talent scout godmother to help them out. However, the Nine9, an “unagency,” exists to help the average person break into the business.

Nine9 aims to help the 99% figure out how to navigate a tricky industry. Oftentimes, aspiring models and actors have no idea how to book auditions or build a portfolio. Nine9 makes it easy to get a struggling career off the ground. They offer photo shoots to their clients and help find auditions that fit. They even offer tips on how to make the most of an audition or how to prepare for a photo shoot. With their easy to navigate website, Nine9 creates a stress free environment for their clients. All that’s needed to get started is to fill out an application on their website.

Nine9 works different than a typical modeling or acting agency. They don’t take commissions from their talent. This puts much less pressure on their models and actors. Nine9 also holds workshops that help introduce aspiring models and actors to industry leaders in a controlled environment.Nine9 believes that there is power in numbers. They surround their clients with experts who are willing to help. Best of all, they believe in their clients. In an industry that does not take the time to invest in people who don’t belong to the 1%, Nine9 makes it their goal to help the 99% succeed.

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