NYC Coffee Shops Top Starbucks

Grub Street recently ran an article saying that Starbuck’s consistently had the best coffee in New York City. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, some beg to differ as there are many small coffee shops in New York City that are doing an outstanding job of providing a great cup of espresso, latte or just plain old coffee.

Black Forest Coffee
Bring a book along and enjoy a great cup of coffee at Black Forest Coffee. Their bean selection varies from day to day because the owners insist on serving only the best beans brewed in top machines. There avocado sandwiches and other light options make this a terrific place to stop for lunch.

Voyager Espresso

Coffee lovers can enjoy a sci-fi coffee drinking experience at Voyager Expresso. Focusing on marginal grains and the latest brewing techniques make this a great place to visit regularly. Their seasonally-changing menu also features many carefully sourced regional favorites.

Third Rail Coffee

A perennial favorite of students and professors from New York University, this coffee shop is a great place to start the day. This tiny shop hosts many creative exhibits on a regular basis making it a great place to return to on a regular basis. They focus so much on training their employees that you are sure to get a perfect head on your cappuccino every time.


If you remember the 1950s or just wish you did, then make sure to check out Abraco where they not only make a perfect cup of coffee but also spin old-school vinyl records. While they would love to see you every day, they also sell amazing coffee beans from around the world to roast at home.

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