NYC Is Now Home To A Safe-To-Eat Raw Cookie Dough Shop

Although food experts have been warning us not to eat raw cookie dough for several decades now, diners in NYC will now be able to safely eat as much cookie dough as they please. A recent online article that I read today shines the spotlight on a new shop and eatery located in the Greenwich Village section of NYC that actually specializes in raw cookie dough.


The cookie dough shop is playfully named DO (pronounced dough), and is slated to officially open for business this week. The shop is utilizing heat-treated flour and a pasteurized egg product, in order to produce raw cookie doughs that are safe to eat.


Situated on La Guardia Place near 3rd Street, DO is a cute and clean establishment that seats 15 people. You can go in and order scoops of cookie dough in different-colored waffle cones or in cups, and enjoy a cup of their high quality coffee. In case your taste buds prefer a more traditional treat, an assortment of fully baked cookies are usually on hand at this unique food establishment.


You can create your own sundae, with your choice of ice cream flavor, baked cookie, and cookie dough flavor. DO offers a luscious cookie dough ice cream pie that is anchored by a chocolate chip cookie crust, and is topped with cookie dough.


If you’re a fan of cupcakes, the cupcake-shaped baked cookie dough treats are a must-try item. Filled with a choice of Nutella or sprinkles, these sweet gems are like no cupcake you’ve seen before.


The small, thick ice cream SanDOwiches served at DO feature a sturdy rectangle of cookie-dough ice cream encased by flattened pieces of raw chocolate-chip cookie dough. Frosty, delicious milkshakes are served at DO, and lots of tasty toppings are available.


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