NYC Pays Tribute to David Bowie Through Food and Cultural Events

The tribute to David Bowie continues with an homage the Brooklyn museum, following a worldwide exhibit featuring the late entertainer. New York city even brandishes Bowie-themed MetroCards and life sized Bowie images in the subways in honor of the occasion.

The Norm, a restaurant located in the museum, will host a dinner series over four different nights dedicated to the memory of David Bowie and showcasing the cuisine of four major cities that inspired Bowie during his career. London is of course represented on the list of influential places and fish and chips is no surprise a feature menu item of the city.

The other cities represented include Berlin, Tokyo, and Philadelphia. Berlin introduces the series with its authentic street food spaetzle, basically a German version of pork lo mein. My only guess is that Philadelphia must have some sort of cheesesteak style course. It would only be right.

In line with the tributary theme of the Brooklyn museum, BKW in Crown Heights hosts cocktails in the theme of the artist. Those that aren’t familiar with David Bowie will be introduced to him if spending any time in Brooklyn this spring and summer. His legacy will live on through fans that remember him fondly.

The world will always be abuzz with odes to David Bowie. We’ll remember him on his birthday and the anniversary of his passing, lieu of random tributes to his art or celebrations of the anniversary of our favorite albums. We’ll continue to have discourse on his works because David Bowie was one of the most profound creatives of our time.

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