NYC’s Bar Jamon Introduces An Exciting New Menu

One of the main reasons why I enjoy reading articles about restaurants in NYC is that my appetite usually becomes stimulated when I read about different menu items. A few minutes ago, I read a recent online article about the new Spanish menu being served at Bar Jamon tapas restaurant, and now I’m very hungry.


Bar Jamon is co-owned by Mario Batali and Andy Nusser and has been open since 2003. According to this article, the menu there is being changed for the first time in many years. Although a few of the restaurant’s classic dishes remain on the menu, the majority of the offerings are new.


The article mentions how the head chef at Bar Jamon spent this past summer in Barcelona. While in Spain, he spent a lot of time visiting different restaurants, especially older establishments. After eating some incredible foods at these restaurants, the chef got some great ideas for creating some new dishes to put on the menu at Bar Jamon.


Among the new menu items at Bar Jamon are deviled eggs with ensalada rusa and arugula, and dry-aged beef tartare with scallion ash and porcini mostaza.


A nice selection of seafood dishes, such as octopus with harissa and chickpeas are served at Bar Jamon, as are outstanding charcuterie and terrine options.


It sounds to me like this new menu is very creatively inspired.


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