NYC’s Best Sticky Buns Round-up

Grubstreet recently published a round-up of the top 6 sticky buns in New York City. For those unfamiliar with the sweet treat, a sticky bun is similar to a cinnamon roll, but has a different topping. Rather than a cream cheese or powdered sugar based icing, sticky buns are cloaked in a combination of butter and brown sugar that can either be runny or a thick caramel.


Taking the number one spot for the city’s best bun is found at Flora’s Coffee, a cafe in the basement of the Met Breuer. Its dense and yeasty brioche dough makes this bun filling enough for breakfast. It features sweet buttered pecans for crunch and a punch of black cardamom inside, giving it a unique flavor from your usual sickly sweet sticky bun.


Second place for best sticky bun went to Balthazar. Their bun is the best of both worlds with a buttery, doughy interior and a flaky, crispy exterior. It is topped with a burnt sugar caramel, chopped nuts, and raisins for a traditional take on the beloved comfort food.


The schnecken at kosher bakery William Greenberg is a delicious German take on the sticky bun. With a soft sour cream dough that is both moist and crumbly and an almost too sweet brown sugar glaze, this bun is so loved you can order them by mail all over the country. It comes in three sizes to fit any appetite.


For those who don’t care for chopped nuts, the sticky bun at Sadelle’s brings the same delicious layered doughy goodness without the crunchy element. If you are looking for the perfect salty-sweet combo, head to Roberta’s. Their airy buns are almost like popovers in texture and are topped with a heavenly salted caramel glaze. Finally, Amy’s Bread serves a perfectly traditional take on the sticky bun. Its chewy edges, fluffy center, and pecan topping make it ideal for newbies to the treat.


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