OneLogin’s view on Cyber Security

OneLogin is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) services, provider. OneLogin is cloud-based and focuses mainly on selling their services to business and organizations. Their main aim is to have users access applications and devices with the guarantee of security, and using the minimal time to access the resource they want remote access to. This is, in turn, going to improve the end user productivity through SSO. All business regardless of their sizes can use OneLogin to secure their information and be assured of improved IT administrators and users efficiency. Cyber security is the main issue businesses and companies focus on before giving their trust to a company. OneLogin is clear on this since it has anti-phishing programs which help in performing network scans and penetration tests.

In one of the blogs, OneLogin uses the game of thrones to explain important aspects of cyber security. Cyber security is viewed as a song of ice and firewalls. Cyber security teams work hard to keep all the companies’ data safe as more malicious cyber attackers increase their attack efforts. This is similar to the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones who keep watch and defend the wall from attacking forces.

Taking all potential threats seriously can help avoid cyber-attacks. In Game of Thrones, families keep quarreling among themselves when the white walkers were continuously threatening the kingdom beyond the wall. The leaders of the seven kingdoms kept requesting night watch’s but were never taken seriously and kept believing that the White walkers were a myth and else the wall could have been efficient enough to protect them which was not the case. This is used to illustrate the need for the current organization leaders to invest in defense against the security threats that are growing too fast in the current days. It is important that no threat is assumed to have a small threat and take the threat enough to reinforce security measures.

The management should ensure everybody is playing their part well since half employees or terminated ones may use their “Zombie” accounts and threaten the security of the firm. Employees should be able to handle threats coming through their sides such as malware.

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