Online Media Repudiates Accusations that George Soros is Funding Black Live Matter

Claims that billionaire philanthropist George Soros is funding Black Lives Matter movement in order to sabotage the US because the black community is easy to manipulate has been criticized as baseless. According to an article published on Snopes, the supposition originated in September 2014. It featured a graphic image of Soros next to a quote he is alleged to have told the wide circulating German newspaper, the Bild in a candid interview. Immediately after the publication, the story began circulating in the social media before going viral on

The turn of events prompted journalist at Snope to begin investigating whether the business magnate made those claims, but no such evidence or an interview could be found. The allegations did not appear on the Bild newspaper archives captured on September 2014 nor any other month’s issue. Investigators, however, unraveled the first iteration of the said statement on Tumblr, in an article dated 19 August 2016. This was a solid two years after George Soros was accused of making the provocative remarks. Elsewhere, analysts find it difficult to fathom how Soros could talk about funding Black Live Matter movement to bring the US down in such a candid and open fashion.

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Secondly, as one of the richest men in the world, it would be foolhardy for a person of Soros statue to push for the collapse of the US since he is a great proponent and beneficiary of the country’s capitalistic ideals. It is important to note that fake quotes, false information and sham news sources are not very uncommon today. These kinds of tactics on have been used several times on presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The candidates have been falsely accused at one time of calling their respective republican and Democrat group of voters dumb.

About George Soros
Since 1979, George Soros has done a lot to improve governance and the welfare of the society. He is the founder and chairman of a network of foundations and partners, called The Open Society. According to the organizations website, Soros established Open Society because he is committed to the idea of an open society, which spells government accountability, respect for human rights and openness to the truth. Soros first philanthropic act was giving scholarships to underserved black students in South Africa who suffered under the yoke of apartheid. Today the Open Society is active in over 100 countries across the globe.

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