OrganoGold Expanding Operations into Turkey

In January 2015, OrganoGold instituted a program to expand its operations, which saw it open a new branch in Turkey. Globally, OrganoGold operate in over 39 countries, and they continue to grow rapidly. The company is thriving under the management of Bernardo Chua, who is the founder and CEO of the enterprise. According to the CEO, the opening of the Turkey branch is testimony that OrganoGold is expanding and becoming a likeable brand. Turkey is a strategic office for them, for it plays a unifying their branches based in Africa, Europe and Asia. It provides an opportunity for them to serve their clients and numerous distributors better.

As the CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua has struggled to ensure that their products continuously resolved the consumer needs, which generate revenue for the company. Their coffee products cater for the active lifestyles of consumers. He has been able to fast-track the company’s success using network marketing concept. Bernard has received many awards in the past, for his generous contribution in the industry. One such award was Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. He has revolutionized the multilevel marketing concept.

The decision by Bernardo Chua to venture into Turkey is strategic because it has a history of being the first country to set up a coffee shop in the 15th Century. Therefore, it means the people of Turkey have a culture of taking coffee enshrined in them, thus proving a real market for their product. Therefore, to remain relevant, OrganoGold have to give high-quality products that will be competitive. Bernardo Chua believes that his products are more than just coffee products. They are produced with the health of consumers in mind hence making them superior products.

The demand for OrganoGold’s products in Turkey is as a result of the lifestyle of the people in that Country. They have active lifestyles that require that they often take stimulants like coffee, for sustaining their activities. Holton Buggs, who is the Executive Vice President in charge of International Sales and marketing, says they are committed to providing the Turkey market with products that meet their needs.

OrganoGold’s products offer health benefit derived from Ganoderma, which is a mushroom of Chinese origin. Medical practitioners believe it is one of the best-ranked herbs in the world. They even say that continued intake will result in a healthy body and prolonged life span.

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