OSI Group LLC’s Strategies of Being A Successful Company

OSI Group is one of the America’s largest private companies and its headquarters are in Aurora Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky founded it in 1909 as a meat market in Chicago. It was previously known as Otto & Sons, and McDonald’s restaurants were one of their largest customers following their opening in 1955. It opened its first high volume meat plant in the year 1975. OSI Group is a global leader in supplying value-added protein items to retail brands, and food services in the over 50 facilities that it operates in 17 countries. It has several offices in the three zones it operates in, that is Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific/India.

OSI Group has eight factories in China and is set to add two more poultry processing plants in the country where it has operated for 20 years. Some of the major clients of OSI in the largest growing consumer market are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Saizeriya, Subway, Papa John’s and Yum. It has a frozen food processing plant in India where they manufacture vegetable products for quick service restaurants. The Geneva plant produces branded and private label frozen entrees. In Hungary, the company’s plant processes chicken products. It has acquired a private Dutch company, Baho Food which manufactures meat products for food services and serves over 18 countries from its plants in Netherlands and Germany.

OSI Group LLC has earned a reputation for delivering food solutions to its global customers. It offers breakfast, lunches, snacks, side dishes, entrees and desserts. Such products include bacon, hot dogs, specialty sausages, cooked beef and pork, raw chicken, cooked beef patties, pizza and dough products and breakfast sausages. Other products sandwich assembly, fully processed chicken, kettle and smoked products that included soups and stews and vegetable products. The company monitors how the products are grown through being actively involved with the agriculture suppliers on Forbes.

How and what has enabled the company to stay at the top? It has an international network and the global partners allow it to deliver customized solutions after understanding the consumer’s needs. Strong partnership with suppliers, customers and employees has seen the company operate as a family and helped it progress in achieving a common goal. Embracing innovative technology has accelerated OSI Group growth as they work hand in hand with processing equipment manufacturers to improve technology. They have the best and latest technology, and their machines are even able to detect any foreign particles.

The company is passionate about turning client’s dreams into reality. It is a result oriented company with talented and motivated staff who work hard to deliver any promise made to the customers. Safety is their priority, and thus delivery of value has earned it trust and confidence from leading brands. Client satisfaction is paramount and therefore safeguarding a reputation has enabled it to stay at the top. It is committed to improving products and services and is consistent in delivering leading-edge products. The company adds new methods and equipment to all its facilities so that they can enhance capabilities and expertise to remain at the top in the food industry.

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