Emily Set to Open in West Village on June 7

Having made quite an impact in the Clinton Hill area of rooklyn with their assortment of pizza, sandwiches and burgers, the owners of the place known simply as Emily are headed to Manhattan. When they open up their establishment at 35 Downing Street on June 7, Emily and Matt Hyland will look to garner the same level of popularity as its first two restaurants.


Moving into what used to be the Blue Ribbon Bakery, Emily will fully exploit the availability of an in-store oven that’s roughly 150 years old. Despite that ancient status, it’s still in fine working order and is expected to crank out the signature pizzas that the original and its sequel, Emily Squared, have been producing over the course of the last three years.


That oven is 14 by 18 feet and will play a key role in the wood-fired cooking process, which has offered diners 13 different options when it came to pizza. Whether white or red is your favorite color of pizza, Emily has the capability to handle both. For those who really want to fill up, the RM3 brings together sausage, pepperoni and prosciutto, while The Q overwhelms you with Pecorino, Fontina, ricotta and mozzarella.


Yet to simply call Emily a pizza place is undercutting just how popular and delicious the burgers and sandwich options are to the customers who crowd the restaurant. In addition, things like pig ears are adorned with winter greens, while diners can choose either frizzled or fried Brussels sprouts that are mixed with things like chili and green apple dicings, with Worcestershire sauce prominent in the taste.


While no final decision has yet to be made, the belief by many is that the West Village restaurant will introduce curly fries to the menu, which remains a work-in-progress.

The Best Interior Decorations are By Richard Mishaan Designs’ Lavish and Authentic Style

Richard Mishaan has built a reputation in New York as the chief architectural designer and interior decorator who know how to achieve a unique sense of decorative styles using techniques that are authentic to create special effects. He has been featured in AD 100, and in other prestigious magazines and establishment dealing with décor such as the A-list of Elle Décor as a highly skilled artisan. His work enjoys popularity mainly because of the way he combines excellent decorations pieces to achieve a unique effect. Richard Mishaan Design uses curated pieces, vintage antiques and boldly patterned objects that are colored to decorate rooms.



Apart from decorating hotels, offices and high-class residences, the artisan is also the author of the famous Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury which was published and printed by the Random House Monacelli Press. Richard Mishaan says that he gets a lot of inspiration from a house that is decorated through assembling several exotic pieces over an extended period. During the recently concluded House show organized by Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator, and which was held on Tuesday 6 th June at 125 East 65th Street, Richard Mishaan said that his style is an imitation of the way traditional Venetia families decorated their houses using Silks and Velvets from a great artisan. The families from Venice and Florence put together an assortment of various works by different artisans to create spending layers of decorations. When he is assembling pieces for decorating a room, Richard Mishaan Design takes particular care to get everything right.



Another thing he enjoys doing is to host parties and entertaining guests in a room that he also keeps as a library. The technical styles he uses applies yards of silk and gimps with animal prints, cords, and woven tapes to create layers of decorations. By adding Fortuyn fabrics, he can make a chamber look quite elegant. He began his career as an apprentice of Philip Johnson, but later he proceeded to the Columbia University School of Architecture and the University of New York where he obtained a BA degree. His most famous work is the interior decoration of the Presidential suite of St. Regis Hotel in New York

His wikidot is full of useful information to check out!


Beneful: A Big Brand With Big Benefits

In 2001 Nestle Purina Petcare introduced their Beneful brand of wet and dry dog food, and dog treats. By 2012 Beneful became the fourth most popular dog food brand with $1.5 billion in revenues, and for good reason. As the name suggests, Beneful is aimed at nutrition and the name means “full of goodness.” The products use real meat as a main ingredient with a side of veggies and no added sugar.

As part of the expansion of nutritious products, Beneful released the Beneful Healthy Harvest line of dog food in 2005 with soy as the main protein instead of meat. They also recently released grain free dog food to their ever expanding and innovative lineup. These products add to a total of eight varieties of Beneful dry dog food, 20 wet dog food options, and 10 types of treats to choose from. These products include options for all sizes and shapes of dogs, in all phases of life. You can choose food for small or large dogs, puppies or seniors, and even special diet brands for the pooch who needs weight control for better health.

Beneful goes the extra mile to benefit dogs by tweaking their formula in order to continue to ensure the health and well-being of their furry consumers. They also hold high quality dog food and safety standards, and include 30,000 quality checks in every 24 hour production period to make sure every product that leaves the door will enrich dogs’ lives.

To know more visit the site: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBy8Bc_mZms

Movie Buffs Sitting Down to Dine While They Watch

Going out for a meal either before or after a movie has been standard practice for ages all across the world. The idea of eating dinner DURING the movie is something that was once ridiculed on Seinfeld, giving a hint to how such an idea was perceived just a generation ago.


However, the concept has become much more mainstream, with a number of New York City movie theaters offers cinema fans the chance to eat more than warmed-over popcorn and hot dogs that have been re-cooked more than a few times. Prior to 2011, a New York state law barred serving alcohol in any movie theatres.


That changed due to the originator of this idea, Nitehawk, which offers a number of exotic items on its menu that are sometimes thematically in tune with the film being shown. Yet there are other standard offerings like Turkish lamb sliders, truffle popcorn and Korean chicken tacos.


Other places like Metrograph attempt to recall film studio commissaries, though their main offerings run the gamut from chicken fra diavolo to steak tartare. At iPic, the pricy Premium Plus seats allow a couple to enjoy a film and receive table service while sitting in push-button recliners, with a blanket and pillow also available. Not surprisingly, the cost per couple is $60.


At the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, cushy armchairs are also available for what resembles more of a bar. Snacks, slong with salads and sandwiches are available, or those with a sweet tooth can take advantage of the 16 different floats and shakes available.


Some of that latter group may have some alcohol in them, though cinema buffs can also choose from plenty of different wines, cocktails or any of the different beers that now total more than three dozen. At Syndicated, snacks and booze are plentiful.

Ricardo Tosto, Your Trusted Brazilian Legal Counsel

The Constitution is one of the most important legal document in the land. Regardless of the fact that these documents are easily accessible to anybody, it takes a well-trained and qualified lawyer to be able to help you understand the details either for your business or in your personal life. There are many lawyers, however, but not all of them are qualified for the job. In particular, the Brazilian market alone has at least 600,000 lawyers practicing different areas of law. If you are looking to hire the services of an attorney in Brazil, choosing Ricardo Tosto is a decision that you will never regret.

Law is one of the most covetous professions in the world. In addition to the reputation lawyers hold in the society, the career is also associated with high revenues. When looking for a lawyer whether in Brazil or in some other part of the world there are a number of factors you should pay attention to. First, academic qualification. A lawyer is defined by the training that he or she has received. In as much as there are general lawyers, you might need to seek the services of a particular lawyer with whom you are interested in their services.

The second consideration when it comes to choosing a lawyer is the experience. Your attorney’s experience will tell you whether you will be able to win your case or not. Pick a lawyer who has numerous years of experience and an excellent record of results. The other factors that you might consider paying attention to include the cost of services, availability, and communication skills to learn more visit @ http://latinlawyer.com/people/18900/ll250/13974/ricardo-tosto-de-oliveira-carvalho/.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who practices litigation law with particular interest to Banking Law, Debt and Credit Restructuring, Business Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and Contracts, to name but a few. Ricardo is a law undergraduate student from Mackenzie. In addition to law, he has an extension in Business Administration thus making him your go-to lawyer when it comes to matters business.

Tosto is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a law firm that specializes in different areas of the business. His fluency in of English and Portuguese languages have helped him win more clients compared to his competitors who only understand Portuguese.

Chalait Scrambles Back to Business

A West Village diner that had only been opened for a year was forced to adapt to a new reality when it’s bigger neighbor flexed its real estate muscle. That was drug store giant CVS, which decided it needed more space and summarily told that diner, known as Chalait, to start looking for new surroundings.


Due to a contract buyout clause in the diner’s decade-long lease, the move was perfectly legal. That clause, which is becoming standard in most business real estate deals, meant that CVS could end the lease after four years in favor of a larger operator. Chalait could have stayed the full four years, though the buyout amount would be been diminished considerably by that time.


While owner Michelle Puyane had some inkling about the move approximately a month before CVS officially informed her, she still had to scramble in finding a new place to set up shop. She found it at 299 West Houston Street, though the move only allowed her to get back roughly 50 percent of the original build-out expenses.


One of those expenses was a $12,000 air conditioning unit that CVS immediately discarded once they took back control of the property. That cold business move annoyed Puyane, who did admit to a certain amount of naivete in negotiating the original deal.


However, her main concern was the image the quick move represented. In the interim, she was able to open up small spots in both Chelsea Market and Nomad, yet she knew that this was a temporary fix because of the limitations imposed by such small confines.


Learning her lesson, Puyane did a much more rigorous examination of each potential area, deciding that Hudson Square would work best. Plenty of businesses are within walking distance, which should help during lunch periods.



NYC Food Cart Operators on the Verge of Being Graded

The sight of a food cart is an ever-present sight in most cities and especially in New York City. However, a more stringent approach to the operation of those carts, which will soon receive grades, is in the process of being formulated by Health Committee that’s part of New York City Council.


This process began back on February 1, when Councilmember Karen Koslowitz of Queens introduced a plan that would apply letter grades to the food carts. The Health Committee is made up of nine members, all of whom voted in favor of the new grading system.


Despite the pending regulation, those operating the food carts and the organizations that represent them appear to be solidly behind the measure. Believing that the new edict will show the overall quality of the food, the Street Vendor Project was one of the measure’s earliest supporters. In addition, no vendors have yet come to offer any sort of protest.


A simple majority vote by the City Council is next, which would then send it to Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He’s expected to sign it, though he could take as much of the 30 days allowed to study the plan more closely. However, if he were to unexpectedly reject the measure, the New York State Senate in Albany is working on a different measure that covers most of the same areas.


That Albany measure is expected to quickly pass, a contrast to the rejection that took place two years ago, when the creation of a commission to handle that job was under consideration.


The belief by Koslowitz and other supporters is that the grades will allow consumers to make a more informed assessment won whether to eat the food prepared by a particular vendor.It will also aid in avoiding public health problems.

Anthony Toma and Nine9- Improving the Acting Industry

Businessman Anthony Toma has been dedicated to help others for quite sometime. At a very young age, he formed his own company providing valet service. He eventually would lead his own company, becoming President K. Toma Enterprises Inc., DBA Wonder Foods. K. This comapany has spent more than ten years being successful. From their Toma would move on to create his own entertainment group that would open several night clubs in the downtoan Detroit area. Toma was would eventually go on to develop a franchise that would spread throughout North America.

Years later Toma would start another company called One Source Talent. This company has revolutionized the entertainment industry by pairing up actors with possible directors. The company has exploded with success and added more than 30,000 clients since being in existence. The company has gotten lots of attention from others in the industry. They were even recognized by being put on INC’s 5,000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Nine9 is a company that has been on a mission to help actors and models take charge of their careers. They have spend nearly fifteen years working to help actors and models find work. Nearly 99% of these people are without representation and Nine9 is focused on giving them the resources to change this. There are numerous benefits to working with a company like Nine9. These benefits include things like a talent benefits program that utilizes select businesses in each market, a commission free environment, and Real-time access and submissions to nationwide castings and auditions. With such a dedication to improving the careers of actors and models, Nine9 looks to be around for quite some time.

Source of the article : https://nine9.com/featured-talent

Susan McGalla Has Nothing To Prove For Her Talent Speaks For Itself

There is a difference between men and women in the workplace, as to pay scale and promotion. While there is no rational reason why there should be a gender gap, no one denies that the discrepancy exists. This gap continues despite the recognition of this discriminatory practice by both private and public organizations.


If one stands side by side a woman and a man in the same position, a woman would be just as effective no matter the level of responsibility. However, there is a gender difference as to how a woman approaches a task versus a man on the same tasks. Women’s personality has unique characteristics that make them better suited for corporate leadership and with their ventures.


Susan McGalla is a case in point of a woman who is very successful in breaking the glass ceiling and has been accepted in traditionally male roles. She does not turn her back on another woman, encourages networking, and acts as a good role model. She takes nothing for granted and recognizes that she has the necessary traits to be successful.


She has empowered herself, which has given her the energy to release her unique abilities. For instance, she has founded and has excelled as a consultant in P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is presently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers.


McGalla is an expert in the retail and clothing spheres and has been recognized for her uniqueness by prominent personalities in finance that can use her insight and skills in marketing, talent management, product merchandising, and branding.


Before her work with the Pittsburgh Steelers, McGalla was employed by Joseph Horne Company, from 1986 until 1994, and worked in marketing and managerial positions. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters which led her to be promoted to the President and CMO of the flagship American Eagle brand. McGalla was then promoted to be the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. Before her position, with the Picksburge Stellers, Susan McGalla became the CEO of Wet Seal Inc, and in January 2011 she left to work at her present position.

How Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund are Changing Non Profits

The Ubuntu Education Fund was created to do exactly what its name implied: provide financial support to at-risk children in South Africa so that they could pursue an education. The Ubuntu Fund, established by Jacob Lief, is primarily focused on the vulnerable children located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, namely the townships of Port Elizabeth. Lief had been raising a ton of money for his non profit, for years, before he came to the sudden and stinging realization: he wasn’t doing enough. If Lief wanted to continue to try and help the children then he would have to make a change.

As part of his job working at the Ubuntu Fund Lief would travel the world in order to speak at high profile events in order to try and pull in benefactors. Lief was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, their annual gathering, when the moment struck him. Lief says, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” This can be a hard realization to come to when your work is so important, as Lief’s actions have always given credit to. Lief knew that there were issues with plucky and stingy benefactors, but he never realized just how bad the problems were getting.

This is where Jacob Lief decided to evolve the company by changing how the non profit sought out benefactors. Lief says, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” The reason for this change was simple: picky benefactors were a huge problem when it came to getting funds out to the places that it needed to go. One benefactor, who definitely was NOT a problem, is Andrew Rolfe.

Andrew Rolfe serves on the board for the Ubuntu Fund where he has been a steady guiding hand for years. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board were more than happy to try out the new Ubuntu Model.


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