Penelope Kokkinides And InnovaCare Health Work

Penelope Kokkinides is an efficient individual who also happens to be the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of a Fort Lee, New Jersey business that’s referred to as InnovaCare Health. Richard Shinto is the man who is behind the creation of the firm. InnovaCare is perpetually expanding.


Kokkinides returned to the firm in the summer of 2015 after a little bit of time away from it. She used to work as InnovaCare Health’s Chief Operating Officer. That’s not all, either. She even was its Clinical Operations Vice President for some time. She’s been working in the medical care field for over two decades. She concentrates on programs that are set up by the government in the United States. Medicaid and Medicare are the two she puts her time into all the time. She delves into all aspects that involve the managed care world.


Penelope Kokkinides had a position with Centerlight Healthcare before. She was the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. She was the one who took care of its in-depth managed care sector. She handled all kinds of strategic guidance matters and basic management duties. Other big names she worked for are AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health Services. AmeriChoice is the UnitedHealth Group’s business branch. This professional was a big part of coming up with and putting together medical care models for AmeriChoice.


Kokkinides is a Binghamton University alumnus who learned a lot about classical languages and even biological sciences while in attendance. Those were her major topics. She’s equipped with a bachelor’s degree from the institution. She, after that, made the choice to go to New York, New York to work on her master’s degree. She signed up at New York University to study everything there is to know about social work. Penelope Kokkinides even decided to take the Ivy League path after that. She enrolled at the School of Public Health at Columbia University in the Big Apple. She studied public health and has a master’s degree in the essential subject.


This talented person has an existence that’s rather unpredictable. She frequently travels. People she knows, because of that, often are unable to guess where she may be at any given time. She doesn’t have a problem being inside of airplanes, though. She considers flying to be a serene and calming experience of sorts. Kokkinides adores technology in all of its forms. She loves that it lets people reach out to others. It gives her a feeling of gratitude.



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