Peter Briger: the investor with a big heart

For an investor to be consistent in the financial market, they must be exceptionally good in their craft. This describes Peter Briger life as a business leader. The self-made billionaire is without a doubt one of the most consistent investors in the world. With a Forbes ranking of the top 400 in the world shows the strong-willed Briger is and his strong personality. He became a billionaire in 2007 after the company (Fortress Investment) he had interest went public.
His journey to the Forbes list has been a long journey. He has shown consistency in the previous positions from Goldman Sachs to now. Peter Briger is one of the hardworking people in the investment world. The exposure at Goldman Sachs made him the creative and the innovative person

he is today.
He is arguably the most crucial person in the overall management of Fortress Investment Company. Under his leadership, all aspects pertaining to asset investment, capital market, and corporate merges have been effective. As a principal and co chairman, however, he is responsible for real estate and credit fund. Under his leadership, he has been able to grow the operational budget to the highest in the history of the company: 65 million dollars. This shows he is a visionary leader.
Peter Briger wears many hats. As a philanthropist, he has been active in many projects. First, he is an active contributor to conservancy project: Central Park Conservancy. Donating to this noble project has been of great help to the conservancy. Second, he is involved in the Tipping point. This is an initiative responsible for low-income families. Finally, as part of the Princeton family, he has been an active supporter of Princeton entrepreneurship through programs aimed at helping graduate start the business journey. Apart from just giving the graduate funds, he is has been a mentor to many.
The academic background of Peter Briger is economics. B.A and M.B.A from Princeton University and the remarkable University of Pennsylvania put him in the group of academic scholars. As a financial expert, Briger believes that bitcoin will revolutionize the world of business.

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