Prospect Heights Continues Its Restaurant Magic

The Prospect Heights area is another area of New York that has developed a melting pot of restaurants that serve various ethnic palates while also satisfying those who want the traditional fare in front of them when they dine. A number of them stand out from the crowd that is continuing to expand the number of establishments looking to tap into the surrounding clientele.


Geido on Flatbush Avenue was actually around long before the resurgence of the past decade, with their specialty of sushi making it the hotspot for those who prize quality at an economic price.


Another early option was James, which has been located on Carlton Avenue for the past decade. They were one of the early adopters of the concept of using items that were derived from local sources. One of their most popular options remains the burger that combines lamb dusted with cumin and Black Angus beef.


Those with a taste for Spanish food have come to love Alta Calidad, where tortillas are a prime aspect. Just imagining the combination of chicken albondigas with shrimp tempura and skate wings that are lovingly roasted on top of them whets the appetite. If that didn’t entice anyone, the literal translation of the restaurant, high-quality, should.


Garden-based menu options help make Olmsted on Vanderbilt Avenue something to notice. After all, things like rangoons that combine crab and kale or carrots that offer hints of sunflowers and clams aren’t menu options that are ordinarily seen.


Those who think of comfort food aren’t left out, with cheese puffs offered free of charge at Meme’s Diner. The seeming oddity is one of many, with potato chips on top of macaroni and cheese also available. Even the brunch’s version of milk and cereal is off-center: Corn Pops on top of yogurt panna cotta.


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