Ranch Dressing Themed Resturant to Open in St. Louis

Everyone in America loves ranch dressing, at least that is what Jim Hayden is hoping. Hayden will open an all-ranch dressing eatery in St. Louis at the end of this month. The restaurant, aptly named Twisted RAnCH, will add ranch flavorings to some of the most iconic dishes from around the world. They will also be serving up a plethora of in-house made ranch dressings, including a teriyaki take on the quintessential salad liquid.

Entrees will also get a healthy dose of the tangy salad dressing, and the bar will also have ranch dressing on tap. While ranch is certainly a perfectly acceptable choice for salads, whether or not it will translate to an entire menu remains to be seen. The eatery will be the first of its kind, but it does have plenty of predecessors in the food “themed” restaurant categories.

Guy Fieri, for example, opened a series of eateries called Johnny Garlic’s, YouTube had a video that a food establishment focused on infusing garlic in everything from its french fries to its steaks, and its desserts. The owner of the ranch-loving restaurant, is banking on nation’s fondness for the creamy salad dressing, and their love of good food, for the business’ success.

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