Real Estate Mastery From Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is one of the biggest names in real estate, especially in regards to giving seminars all across the nation to help fledgling real estate experts in training get ahead of their competitors.

Mr. Vertucci didn’t come from a silver-spoon environment, unlike many people who succeed in life, and built everything he’s got now from the ground, up. Let’s brush over how Nick Vertucci started his life her on Earth, and then progress through his successful career as an entrepreneur in the world of real estate.

The Fledgling Beginnings Of Nick Vertucci’s Life

Nick Vertucci had all the basic necessities to live as a child, but nothing more – he had food, water, clothes, and a clean place to live. All considered, that’s a lot more than most people living on planet Earth. However, in terms of people that ended up succeeding in life as tremendously as Nick Vertucci has, he started out with less than virtually everybody in the entire field of real estate.

His father kicked the proverbial bucket when he was only ten years of age, placing him in a tough situation before he was even halfway done with his time growing up at home. His mother worked long hours, spread across two jobs on opposite ends of town.

As such, Mr. Nick Vertucci didn’t have much in the way of solid parenting after his father died, because his mother had to try so hard to make things happen, in terms of buying food and clothes, paying for rent, and everything else that had to be paid to live in today’s world.

He Struggled To Find A Solid Job, Too

As soon as he turned 18, Nick was living out of his very own van. At least he had a reliable vehicle to drive around in, but he didn’t have a place to stay. After a few months in the van, he stumbled upon an opportunity to start selling computer parts. Unfortunately, as the Internet dot-com bubble bursted, he slotted all of his business customers. Today, he sells reals estate and gives lectures on succeeding in realty.

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