Regulating Health Supplements on Store Shelves

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, many people are turning to natural health and herb supplements that they can buy without a prescription. From St. John’s Wart to other herbs, you can get confused going down the natural supplement aisle of just about any store. Unfortunately, in a recent break in news, it was found that many of these herbal supplements didn’t contain any of what they claim to have contained. Many of these supplements, instead, contained house plants, asparagus and even bean powder to fill the capsule without it having any real value. This was saving the herbal supplement company a whole lot of money in terms of production and sales.

Now that the news has relatively died down, many people are wondering what is changing in order to better regulate these supplements so that this does not happen again. After all, people do not want to be paying for herbal supplements that are simply sugar pills that do not even contain a fraction of what they should. The FDA still does not regulate herbal supplements because of the fact that there is not enough medical science and proof to show the effectiveness of any of them. Because of this, it is important that you stick to highly reliable sources when it comes to your supplements and to consider speaking with a doctor if a prescription form is your better option to avoid this type of thing entirely. That is what Mikal Watts is trying to do more and more.

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