Renowned Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is the leading investment management firm that specializes in debt and credit backed securities. The firm has provided institutional investors with some of the most efficient management of investment capital that contains highly leveraged securities. As well as managing debt backed securities, Highland Capital Management is also a firm that provides collateralized loan obligations to clients as well. With this product, investors will be in better position to more efficiently manage their debt and other investment capital. Highland Capital Management is also one of the most versatile firms as it provides other financial services such as advising, wealth management and asset management for both individual and institutional investors. It currently has offices in New York City, South Korea, Brazil and Singapore to establish a worldwide presence. Read this article at Dallas News.

When the firm first began in 1990, it was one that only provided life insurance products. Co founders James Dondero and Mark Okada spent a number of years working in the finance field as employees. After working for investment firms, the two started up a company that would offer life insurance policies to individuals, families and businesses. For the first couple of years the firm was a small reputable company that provided quality life insurance policies. However, the firm looked to provide more products and services to clients. In 1993, the firm began offering financial advising as well as wealth management. By the mid to late 1990’s Highland Capital Management would provide collateralized loan obligations. At the end of the decade, the firm would provide private equity securities and hedge funds. With its evolvement over time, the firm was able to meet the ever growing needs for its clients. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

As well as providing a lot of quality products and services, Highland Capital Management offers its assistance to a diverse group of clients. This firm provides services to high net worth individuals who are looking to get advising and wealth management. It also provides assistance to investors of pension funds who are looking to more efficiently manage large sums of capital. Along with serving individuals, Highland Capital provides services to corporations that are looking to invest their money and manage their large sums of capital. Lastly, the firm works with government entities that are looking to mange their funds.


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