Restaurant Closings in NYCs Classic Neighborhoods

Running a restaurant is a tricky feat, especially in a waning economy. With the advent of the internet and accompanying services such as UberEats, the competition has never been more fierce. New York City is lined with restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and any other consumer good or service you can imagine. It takes a certain special something to stay ahead among the rest.

A number of coffeeshops and cafes throughout Manhattan have announced their closings. Some are shutting down the whole operation, such as Paradiso in the East Village blaring a sign that everything in the building is for sale. Others, like Tekoa in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, are transforming their brand. In Tekoa’s case, they’re staying in the food service business in the same building and going from selling coffee to fish.

The science of a successful restaurant is in no way exact. No one knows the right move to make in every single situation, even when they’ve been in business for 20 years. Markt in Chelsea is a perfect example, closing its doors after 20 years in business. Hopefully Tekoa’s will fare as well. If they have to close after 20 years that’s an admirable stint in the restaurant world. Or, maybe they’ll be lucky enough to shut down after 26 long years of business like Three of Cups.

I, personally, consider even 9 or 10 years to be impressive. In my mind, Paradiso actually had a good run for 9 solid years in the coffee business. Live Bait, an eccentric restaurant with seafood fare, is closing after a whopping 31 years and being replaced by – you guessed it – coffee shop!

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