Richard Blair Makes Retirement a Reality Through Wealth Solutions

The time between exiting the workforce and starting retirement is especially tricky when it comes to financial planning. For clients in Austin, Texas, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions aims to make this transition much easier by providing the proper advice and services based on each individual’s needs. In addition to retirement, Blair helps his clients with the aspects of wealth management and life insurance.

Using a personal approach, Richard Blair creates a plan for the individual. By creating the framework for retirement, Blair educates his clients in their own areas of financial strength and areas that have room for improvement. He then creates investment opportunities that have numerous risk factors based on the current market and the client’s needs. This allows each client portfolio to increase in value with a conservative approach.

Richard Blair sets the plan in motion by objectively giving the client advice on insurance plans that may be needed, as well as preparing one’s estate. His services include emailed newsletters full of educational material so that the client may become better prepared with supplemental information.

Wealth Solutions officially operates as a Register Investment Advisory firm, or RIA. The company primarily serves individuals in the area of Austin. Richard Blair has extensive knowledge which has led to him carrying multiple certifications.

Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has been able to help other individuals who are interested in creating a plan for retirement for over two decades. His services are heavily based on education and providing others with the knowledge needed to make balanced choices. Blair started Wealth Solutions in 1994 shortly after beginning his career in the industry of financial services. Learn more:

Richard Blair provides retirement options and estate planning services for the individual, family, and owners of small businesses in the Austin, Texas area. With educational experience running in his own family, Blair has a passion for sharing his own knowledge with clients and helping them to plan conservatively for a successful retirement. The services of Wealth Solutions also include asset management in order to effectively bridge the tough gap between the last years of work and retiring.

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