Securus Technologies Keeping Violent Offenders in Jail

When a violent criminal is sent to our facility, it is very important we take precautions so they do not become a disruption to our system. It only takes one inmate with access to drugs or weapons to make things very dangerous for inmates, staff, and officers. This month a top-ranking gang member was sent to our facility, and he basically felt like he could run our jail because he had several gang members in this jail already who would jump on his command. Even separating the inmates doesn’t work because they have their own unique communication system tat they use to rule the jail.


Separating the gangs is problematic because the overcrowded conditions in our jail, so unless the inmates are evenly separated, they will attack one another. Keeping gangs separated not only shows them respect, it has been limiting violence until this year. Once the high-ranking gang member was here, all hell would break loose. Luckily for my team of officers, Securus Technologies was here to help us to keep the peace.


Securus Technologies installed a telephone monitoring system we use to uncover issues before they transpire. In the past, it was a challenge to listen to inmates on the phone at the same time, especially since we had a limited amount of officers we could designate to that area of the prison. Now, the LBS software monitors every second of every call, allowing my officers to get back to the business of keeping the peace.


Once the system was running, we began hearing certain chatter from the gang member we just housed talking about getting orders from the street on how to wipe out rival gang members. Each time a hit was ordered, weapons were discussed, or certain gang members were targeted, we eliminated the threats and were able to keep the peace longer.


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