Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Wireless containment systems are the leading edge in the battle against inmates as they continue to find ways to smuggle contraband cell phones into the prison environments. It has proven difficult for officials to stop all methods of entry of these phones, and so the best method is to simply stop them from working even if they are received by the prisoners, and Securus is probably the best at that task right now. The company’s WCS technology has already been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts between only 8 correction facilities.


Robert Johnson at the Lee Correction Institute in South Carolina knows the dangers of prisoner communication to the outside world all too well. That is because in 2010 there was a hit put on his life because of his job stopping contraband. He and fellow workers were able to confiscate a $50,000 large package from a prison gang. Because of this, the gang used a cell phone to call a hit on him while he was in his home with his wife in a room nearby. He was shot six times in the abdomen and chest from close range, and this led to him dying twice on the operating table, but he was resilient enough to stay in this world.


That is why he now is working as a consultant for Securus in order to help get their technology into more prisons around the country so that this type of incident has a far less chance of happening. One can be astonished at the desperation that turns some to such acts of violence, and all it took was a cell phone and a $6,000 Green Dot card for the gang to be able to put the hit out on him. A similar recent incident also happened to a baby who was only 9 months old when it was shot while his mother was holding it. Prison workers almost unanimously agree that the cell phones have become probably the biggest threat to their safety and the safety of others.


Also, there have recently even been prison videos filmed on the newer Facebook Live feature such as one that was released from the Evans Correctional Institute of Jose Ariel Rivera who was a 31-year old inmate there. The Securus technology is able to intervene by feigning as a cell tower of the carrier, and the cell phones attempt to connect and make outgoing calls, but only the numbers that have been preapproved such as worker phones are able to do so. They are still able to make 911 calls in case there is some emergency to report, but in general, the safety of the facility is increased a level by having such a wireless containment system in place.

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