Señor Frog Says Ciao to New York City Location

Statistics show that the first year for new restaurants will either make or break their future. Though rare, this concept applies to popular chains as well. Unfortunately for fans of certain locations, the establishment’s doors must close as a result of not targeting the appropriate demographic, but some closings truly come as a shock. This is currently the issue surrounding Times Square’s once standing Señor Frogs destination.

“Spring break forever,” was a phrase shouted by all those who walked through the doors of this Mexican joint serving up authentic cuisine, lots of margaritas, and even quirky merchandise. Despite the restaurant regularly receiving stellar reviews from even the snobbiest of foodies, it is no longer open for business in the New York City area. Many attempts have been made to contact the owners to get their portion of the story and an explanation as to why people can no longer obtain their favorite margaritas, but those requests have not been fulfilled, leaving fans without any answers. Those who are in shock of the surprising close have stated that they are frankly devastated over the loss and that it is incredibly surprising because the place was constantly busy.

So, the mystery stands: Why did Señor Frogs close its NYC location if it did great business here? Times Square is an area that receives some of the most traffic in all of the world; tourists, residents, and celebrities frequent the area and most of them have been to the restaurant at least once, so Señor Frogs closing shop is truly surprising. Perhaps it is moving to another portion of the city or maybe they just felt that this location did not do the crazy Señor Frogs name justice.

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