Sorbillo Pizzeria Said To Be Looking For Another New York City Location

New Yorkers adore a good slice of pizza. The city is home to many famous pizzerias. Naples native Gino Sorbillo opened up a branch of his famous pizza in the Bowery. Sorbillo is considered one of the most famous names in the pizza business in Naples. His skill at creating Neapolitan style pizzas has been widely noted in the last few years. Travelers and locals alike make a pilgrimage to his space to enjoy classic pizza in a relaxed setting with congenial prices. Given his success and skill, it’s no surprise to industry watchers and pizza lovers everywhere that he has chosen to expand to other venues outside of Italy. His first venture was to New York City. Understandably, his style of delicious pies that tends to the small and puffy yet perfectly cooked has attracted many fans in New York City as well as critical praise from many regional newspapers.

A New Venture

With the success of the first restaurant, it is clear that Sorbillo is looking for another location somewhere in New York City. While is not clear where he plans to open up the second place, it is obvious that he will continue to bring his native flavors to the city for appreciative fans. He’s pairing with an Asian entrepreneur to help decide where to bring his second place. In addition, he’s also eyeing expansion into several other locations in the United States. His possible locations include many cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. However, his current focus in the city of New York. His vibrant use of local ingredients and embrace of classical Naples techniques have led to vast crowds at his current location. Those who appreciate fine pizza are also expected to flock to any other location he picks in the city.

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